Bunker Hill Haven's Mission Statement

The overall mission of Bunker Hill Haven for Boys is to provide safe, non-secured, residential living facilities and an appropriate individualized treatment program for eighteen boys, ages 12 - 18, from Butler County, Ohio, who are abused, neglected, dependent, pre-delinquent, status offenders, or adjudicated of non-violent offenses, and who it has been deemed by the proper authority require out of home care.

Our mission embraces the premise that the lives of troubled children can be improved by meeting the basic physical and emotional needs of these children, and thereby laying the groundwork for the restoration of a trusting relationship between child and adult. This trusting relationship can then enhance the adult's ability to assist the child in making constructive changes in his life.

In order to facilitate for the children the process of making positive changes, the following aspects of life have been incorporated into their service plans:

  1. Home Life
  2. Social Skills
  3. Education
  4. Word
  5. Emotional Needs
  6. Attitudes

As Resident Counselors your role is most important. If the needs of the boys are met in a consistent, timely and positive manner, a base for effective treatment is laid. This in turn allows the boys to progress through the program with the least amount of problems.