Welcome to Bunker Hill!

Bunker Hill Haven for Boys is a private, non-profit group home for teens, situated on 130 acres just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Three cottages on the property house six boys each. A House Manager is assigned to each cottage and Resident Counselors cover three shifts to meet the needs of the Residents. Also employed are the Director, Assistant Director and Building and Grounds Manager.

The boys can be privately placed or are referred to Bunker Hill Haven by the Juvenile Court and County Children Services Board. The majority of the boys have been adjudicated delinquent of minor crimes, and many are also abused, neglected and dependent. They must be able to maintain attendance in the local school district, which is Talawanda City Schools.

Bunker Hill Haven was opened in 1973 through an endowment left specifically for this purpose by Dr. and Mrs. of Walter Pater of Hamilton, Ohio. The home operates on the dividends of the Pater Estate as well as an $99.00 per diem charged to the placing agencies.

Bunker Hill Haven for Boys employs the "family-model" approach to helping young men pursue life changing choices. This means that the boys are expected to cooperate in the family by fulfilling their duties to the family and themselves. They accomplish this by doing their chores, keeping their rooms clean, studying during the designated study times, and following the rules set up by Bunker Hill. The staff, in turn meet all of the boys basic needs both physically and emotionally, thus setting up an inherent system of "trust" and stability which allows them the freedom for reflection, and hopefully change in their lives.

Bunker Hill Haven for Boys is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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